The late Versace was born in December 1986 in Italy. He started working as a trainee in his mother’s business and later shifted to being a freelancer in design. At the age of 25, he began designing clothes for top companies like Coplice, Callaghan, and Genny.

In 1978, alongside his brother, they founded the Gianni Versace Company. The very same year he started his first women’s collection in Milan. The first collection was a success and Versace spent the following years designing men’s and women’s clothing.

Lately, the company started selling perfume and colognes both for men and women. Versace Eros colognes come in many alternatives which are sophisticated and manly.

1. Versace Man Eau Fraiche

This Versace cologne has an aquatic feeling and offers you freshness all day and self-confidence. It has a zesty essence which reminds you of sunshine and summer. If you consider yourself as a cool person then I bet, you would love this cologne.

It is also perfect wear for beach walks. Among the top perfumes and colognes of Versace, Versace Man Eau Fraiche is the most popular and its scent is long lasting.

2. Versace Pour Homme

If you love rocking casual wears and are looking for perfume to complement your look, then I would recommend this Versace cologne. It has a clean and sweet fragrance, and it also has that summer smell. If you are going to have a long day at work this cologne will give you the passion that you need to keep you going throughout the day. Versace Pour Homme has a soft touch and isn’t as strong as the other Versace colognes.

3. Dreamer by Versace

If you consider yourself a romantic, then this cologne is for you. It can be worn by readers, painters, artists, and writers who want to display their personality. This cologne can be worn with any casual clothes and is best worn during the winter season.

If you are in a boring relationship and you want to rekindle the intimacy and romance, then this cologne might be a new start for you. This cologne is best for men who mostly lover strong fragrances.

4. Versace L`Homme

Versace L`Homme is among the top colognes designed by Versace.

The cologne had an extended heritage and was introduced in the year 1986. The product can be used during casual dinners or events.

It is long lasting and, leaves behind a moderate smell in the air.

5. Versace OUD Noir

First impressions are significant, pick OUD Noir Cologne by Gianni Versace to make that great first impression. The fragrance has an essence of natural masculinity and will be unforgettable to people with a strong sense of smell. The cologne has a mixture of woods, leather, spices, oud and Oriental essences. Versace OUD Noir could be an excellent choice if you are looking for a cologne for night outs and parties.

Versace colognes offers several alternatives to choose from. You can use these fragrances in any function or occasion. Your lifestyle and sense of smell is the one which will determine the type of cologne to use. If you have an active lifestyle that is you like having fun and clubbing, then Versace colognes will work best for you.