Manufactured with cost-free spared, No 1 shows the ‘non plus ultra’ of United kingdom high-class. It uses the rarest and most precious ingredients, for both the cologne along with the package. Designed using a white brilliant-cut diamond, its bottle makes No 1 the greatest luxurious cologne, and most expensive cologne in the world as show in this article.

Found in luxurious pure parfum bottle of 30ml and 50 ml eau de parfum.


Together with Baccarat, probably the most prestigious name in the arena of crystal, the popular English designer gives a No 1 exclusive edition: a fantastic crystal bottle, enriched with the 18-carat gold inset containing a 5-carat brilliant cut diamond. A powerful celebration within the cologne and of the container: so spectacular it received the british isles FIFI prize for unique the labels in 2006.

I aquired this to put on to got married my ex boyfriend, it was actually the most popular in the travel list of 3. It never occurred. When I sent the gold, fancy Old-English-style lettered invitations he accompanied with many cancellation e-mails. I finished up donning it towards the Medieval fair instead 12 months later with my new hubby.

Mention terrible stories! The attractiveness in this cologne just stood out from my way of living as being a sore thumb.

That it was mostly a powder-bomb on me, multi-layered, thick hours of aldehydes, along with the jasmine and ylang, though creamy yet very trendy and nice, played a touch too nice, simply barely peeked out with a golden, eloquent “how do you do” out of all the richly layered dandy aldehydic flour-like white powder which had been unceremoniously dumped everywhere over the jasmine vine which has a joyous flourish.

The drydown would have been a soft powdered sandal, Mac says everything, but even here my personal favorite wood was dusted using this type of inescapable layer of aristocratic, fine, thickly layered powder that had coated every sinew of scent with its relentless presence. You could guess because of this powder isn’t on top of my list.

Maybe that’s how some as it, by their crumpets and tea and fine crystalware, but there are many more interesting things available within the garden. I’ll transfer being Queen for a Day of the Royal Family. The shoes just don’t fit; Objective, i’m not actually Cinderella coming to the ball, that is certainly OK. I resold them all on eBay for my (a lot less) overpriced cash back.

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