Training a baby is a hectic job. So please keep me aside of this.

Most of the people especially men are allergic to babies because training them and caring them is very difficult. Babies are cute and little angels but at the same time they can drive you crazy. You will find it difficult to care for a single baby and if you have twins and triplets, you can think what would happen.It is very difficult job to train your baby.But babies are very important in life when you have a sweet baby than you can enjoy great with them and can make your life more beautiful and more cool.It will helps you in increasing your life time and it will make you more lovingYour-Mom-Trains-Dragons

Training a baby to tell for his or her needs is the second most difficult task of the world, the first being to give birth to them. A baby can be grown up enough to understand his feelings, his moods but if he or she is not trained, he cannot express his feelings and you will never know what his intention was. So it is very necessary to train your baby.

You can get many compliments about your baby that he is so cute. You may feel proud of him but at the same time, he can make you ashamed as well when he will spoil yours and his own dress with shit or urine. So, you should train your baby to tell you about feeling shit or urine. This is included in the basic training of your baby.