Smoking is injurious to health. We all often have read this sentence. But, we do not take it seriously. This is very important issue. Smoking once adopted, is very difficult to quit. So the best thing is to avoid smoking.

While sitting with friends or in any get together, while others are smoking, it is very difficult to avoid. You want to have smoke and in doing so, you can have over smoking addiction. Smoking, no doubt is an addiction that is difficult to quit. Here we can give you some tips to quit smoking.stop smoking 1

Life is very beautiful you should not try to destroy it by using too much smoking .Smoking is not good for health it will destroy you deeply and will make you dull and too much boring so try to make your life beautiful and try to avoid that things which will make you dull and boring in your and destroy your life as well.there are many things that will helps you in coming out from these types of situations in life so try to be real in your life if you want to win the race of life.

The first tip is to decrease the number of cigarettes you take daily. Make a complete schedule. If you are taking 20 cigarettes daily, reduce it to 18 for first week. Then reduce further to 16 in next week. After two weeks you will be able to reduce cigarettes more rapidly. This is the easiest and most practicable way to quit smoking. Another important tip is to chew anti smoking chewing gums that help you to quit tobacco. Another important tip is to drink plenty of water. Water helps your mind to calm down and your urge for cigarette will be reduced. And last but not the least, avoid any situation that tempts you towards smoking.