There was a time in fashion industry when over leaned males and females were admired. But now the trend has changed. Now you have seen people that have well built-up. Even fashion industry is full of individuals who are good with their weight but they do not look so over with their weight. Having weight according to your personality is good for health as well. Not only it is in fashion but it is also a key to remain healthy.For good health you must have good weight it will helps you in maintain good health.So try to make your weight according to the requirements of your age.Good health will come when you use good diet and food for your life.

Some people are over leaned. They look like skeleton and they are proud of it. They think they are smart. But this is not true. In conception of most of the people; being smart means being lean. But in reality, being smart means to look good, to have overall impressive and attractive personality, to do not look over fatty and not over thin. So you should have a maintained health. If you are over skinny, you should gain some weight.

You should use rice as more as you can because rice has fats which can make you bit healthy. Another important tip is to eat more as you can. Have your meals at proper time and try to eat little more than your diet. If you apply this technique, your stomach will increase its capacity to take food so your diet will increase.